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MTV Loves Facebook, and Facebook Likes MTV a Lot (Video)

Twenty years after “the MTV Generation,” the TV network is now wooing the Facebook generation.

MTV this week aired a behind-the-scenes episode of its show “Diary” about employees at Facebook that was basically a half-hour recruiting video in the style of reality television. If you want to check it out, the full show is now online:

Meanwhile, the TV network told us it now has more than 58 million “likes” on Facebook across 82 show pages, including 18 million for MTV proper and nearly 10 million for “Jersey Shore.”

Social media outreach has been a major effort for MTV in the last year; in January 2010 the company had only 1.1 million fans on its main Facebook page.

But in the last year MTV has brought on a social media team of “talented digital natives” to engage in various social conversations, said Dermot McCormack, executive vice president of digital media for MTV Music and Logo, in a recent phone chat. The social media team is active on Twitter and Foursquare as well as Facebook.

McCormack said the next step will be bringing advertisers into this strategy, so it can become a business rather than an experiment and marketing play.

Please see the disclosure about Facebook in my ethics statement.