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SFund Invests in a Not-Particularly Social Site,

Kleiner Perkins last night closed one of its first publicly disclosed funding rounds coming from its new sFund, an initiative designed to bring the august firm into the realm of the social Web. The company at the receiving end of the dollars is, a vertical database creator.

But it seems a reach to say FTB is “social”–the company primarily relies on paid researchers to compile information tables on specific topics like GPS navigation systems or fast-food nutrition. Regular users are welcome to suggest topics and edits, but actual edits are only made by company staff and freelancers. (It’s kind of like Demand Media in chart form.)

A spokesperson for FTB said this morning that the company is planning to add more social stuff, but didn’t get more specific than that.

FTB is particularly notable because of its founder and CEO Kevin O’Connor, who also co-founded the ad network DoubleClick, and had been on a sort of 10-year break since then. To date he had funded the company himself out of Santa Barbara, Calif.

The Kleiner investment was led by partner Randy Komisar and is of an undisclosed amount.